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KKnD remake release

The first public build of the KKnD remake has been released today!

- Hallfiry on Saturday, December 15 2018
KKnD Remake Update

The KKnD Remake is making great progress. While the remake provides a faithful port of KKnD 1 (and later also KKnD 2) to the OpenRA engine, it also provides remastered versions of the games. The most recent video shows a lot of the new features that the remastered version provides, such as new buildings, animations and better balancing, as well as a few new interface buttons.
You can join the KKnD Remake Discord server
And check out the ModDB page

- Hallfiry on Wednesday, September 19 2018
KKnD Concept Art

The KKnD Remake team have scanned artworks of the first KKnD game. Check out their gallery here.

- Hallfiry on Monday, January 16 2017

KKND seems to be the inspiration for Reconquest.

It has received mixed reviews and the AI seems a little too god-like. You can check it out on Steam.

- Nahoo on Monday, December 26 2016
Original Website Fixed

I've fixed some of the bad images on the original KKND 2 website. The version there before was missing a few files as didn't have the complete copy.

- Nahoo on Friday, October 23 2015
Alpha information

I've rewritten the beta page to include information about the newly found Alpha Build #145.

- Hallfiry on Monday, November 24 2014
Finally an alpha version!

After many years of searching, we've now got our hands on an alpha version of KKnD 2. It's dated to 24 Nov 1997, numbers as build #145 and calls itself KKnD II Kollateral Damage. Sadly it doesn't seem to work properly on Windows XP, 7 and 8.1. It's playable on Windows 98, but still crashes a lot there. Like the beta from February 1998, it was meant for the press as review material and probably not as demo material for actual consumers.
Since this version has a lot of new information I'll have to update the Beta section.
You can download the alpha at our Demos section.

Stay tuned for more updates!

- Hallfiry on Tuesday, November 11 2014
Beta info and our new partner 0xAA55

I've written a little page about the leaked press beta and other versions meant for the press. You can read it here.

Additionally we got a new partner from China named 0xAA55. He programmed some very neat tools for creating tile sets or even convert whole images into mission files. You should really check out his website if you are interested in KKnD 2 mapping.

- Hallfiry on Saturday, November 8 2014
Another new demo and better interview files

Quite unexpectedly an unknown demo version of KKND 1 surfaced today: The CD-ROM version of the early prerelease demo from 1996. Check it out at our demo page.

In other news, the interview page got updated with a digital version of the PC Action article, as opposed to the scanned that we had before, and Justin's photo is now highres.

- Hallfiry on Friday, October 31 2014
New Demos

Check out the updated demo page for rare CD-ROM demos and early betas!

- Hallfiry on Saturday, October 12 2013
Welcome Hallfiry!

As my time has spent on other things recently, I am assigning a replacement for my role as webmaster: Hallfiry from Germany. He will offer a reinvigorated website with brand new content while keeping a keen eye on the details. He has been an avid fan of the series, regularly posting on the forums here, and he has plenty of web experience - running a large catalogue website: Kult CDs. Welcome to the Planet KKND 2!

- Nahoo on Saturday, September 21 2013
Forum Fixed

I've fixed the forum. Spambots are now filtered using two screening methods and legitimate registrations will get through so new people can contribute once again.

- Nahoo on Thursday, December 30 2010