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- Introduction
- KKND 2 Related News
- New Missions
- KKND 2 Literature
- Strategies
- Multiplayer news
- Contribute to the New Website
- Free Email Addresses
- Resurrection of Old Websites
- KKND 2 Copies
- Upcoming Competitions
- Future of KKND 2


Welcome to the first ever Planet KKND 2 newsletter!

Planet KKND 2 is all about KKND 2: Krossfire, anything you could want on KKND 2 - its all there. This newsletter will keep you updated on both site and KKND 2 matters. You'll find a whole load of new downloads from demos to missions and even raw tile sites. KKND 2 gaming has moved up a notch and this newsletter will help you get back in touch with this excellent real-time strategy game.

The site now holds stats on all the units, building and armies, in-house review with many links to other opinions, loads of downloads, demos, missions and support, cheats, KKND wallpapers, a quiz, forums, excellent link directory and much more.

KKND 2 Related News

I have been in contact with some of the original KKND 2 programmers and we have discussed issues such as problems with the KME (Krossfire Mission Editor) and the prospect of a KKND 3. Unfortunately the latter is unlikely due to the huge influx of RTS games on the market in 2001. For more details on this subject, visit the Planet KKND 2 forums.

The raw tile set images in TGA format have been retrieved from a kind member of the Melbourne House team. BennyBarrageCraft is currently converting these into KP format, useable by the mission editor. This process is long and (quite frankly tedious), but someone has to do it - for the sake of interesting missions.

New KKND 2 Missions

Yes, there have been some new missions created since the release of the game, almost 4 years ago. Several of us got together to hunt down the long-lost official missions once held on the Melbourne House website. These and several other less official missions are now accessible from the Planet KKND 2 download section. Shortly, the multiplayer missions will be added to this list as DLH.de, a German FTP server has kindly allowed us use of this files, provided that we host them to other people at their parent site.

Some New KKND 2 Literature

What? Yes, its true. In fact KKNDMaster has really put everything into this project. Besides the brief literature at Planet KKND 2, he is on the verge of completing a massive document on something KKND-related. More details will be revealed in time. Here is an excerpt from Artifacts...

“Damn we alerted the other freaks,” Briggs cursed. As he took a grenade from his belt and flung it at another upcoming mutant. The mutant screamed in agony, as it knew that it’s life was quickly cut short.

Please visit the forum or email him direct for more details.


New strategies have been posted on the website for people finding certain missions difficult, or, like me, just want to improve your times and tactics. You may submit your own view points, ideas and full strategies on the website. All contributions are very welcome.

I have also obtained the walk-thru for Wall of Death, a mission which has received many requests from Nahoo, my personal website.

Multiplayer News

Most of you have probably visited the KKND 2 Clan one or twice. This clan is till thriving and the backlog of members are being addressed. If you haven't registered here yet, please do so as you'll find it extremely satisfying to play KKND2 on the lonely old winter nights. Please note that ICQ is becoming increasingly important when arranging multiplayer games (not just KKND 2), just download a copy from icq.com/downloads.

The forum also plays a key role in arranging games, if you look over the archives there, you'll find several arranged games between the Planet KKND 2 team.

Contribute to the New KKND 2 Websites

Web editors are wanted to help with content at Planet KKND 2, the new kknd2.com and with the KKND 2 Clan, just contact us. If you are interested in other games, you might want to sign up to work at HotMagma. All contributors will receive free web space (100MB), email accounts at the sub-domain of their choice.

Feel free to post you messages and views on the forum or a message at the guestbook.

Free Email Addresses

How would you like an email address that ends in kknd2.com? If you are interested, apply for you own free forwarding email account here, you don't have to change anything on your computer. Just tell you friend's that you have a new cool email address!

Resurrection of Old Websites

The old websites happpen to be the official Melbourne House websites, just go to kknd2.com to view these classics once more. They contain all the unit details, cool sites, downloads, and introduction blurb to the games of both KKND and KKND 2: Krossfire. These sites were found on the Web Archive, containing entire backups of the entire public internet, many times over. Its worth a visit, just to see what the sites used to look like in the days of Netscape 2.

Copies of the Game

Many people mislay, lend out, sell (or even willfully destroy) their old games. If you no longer have a copy of the game you should check out our small collection of links to help you get playing again. Please don't ask us to burn you a copy, we're not going to do that. Anyway, its most likely to be cheaper to buy a full boxed copy of the game.

Upcoming Competitions

Just to entice you into our trap... j/k ;) We are planning to host several competitions in the upcoming months. Prizes will include free webspace at kknd2.com, copies of the game, and other interesting stuff... The challenges will range from desktop wallpaper competitions to some pretty hard KKND 2 questions. Its gonna be fun, we'll keep you posted.

Future of KKND 2

As they say in Back to the Future, "the future is what you make of it". To be honest, its not doing at all badly, there are 3 very dedicated crew manning Planet KKND 2 at all hours, the old Melbourne House sites have returned and kknd2.com has been registered and hosted for one purpose. To bring KKND 2 back to the masses. Also, Planet KKND 2, KKND 2 Clan and the Krossfire pages at Nahoo are all doing very well in search engine listings. Just try typing "kknd2" into Google.

Anyway, we will welcome all of your contributions and feedback. Please feel free to contact us on the forums or by email. We will reply (unless its a stupid email). More newsletters will be arriving later on, so if you still aren't interested, go here.

Have a good new year and we all wish you some prosperous KKND 2 gaming!

- Nahoo

PS. Please add the Planet KKND 2 Banner to your website.

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